Helpful Italian Phrases Every Solo Female Traveler Should Know

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Before embarking on your upcoming Italian adventure, consider learning our handful of essential Italian phrases. Yes, it will take some effort but I think you’ll find it to be really worthwhile! Knowing these common travel questions can do wonders in unlocking doors for the solo female traveler! You’ll feel more at ease in new experiences and interacting with the locals. And it’s a wonderful way to enhance your understanding of Italy’s vibrant culture.

In this guide, we’ve compiled some helpful Italian phrases, categorized to assist you in various circumstances. You never know what situations you’ll find yourself in! But by arming yourself with these words and expressions, you’ll build confidence for your trip. And even more important, you’ll enhance your travel experience while earning the respect and appreciation of the Italian people.

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The Process and Recommendations

We’ll start with some simple Italian phrases and then more on to more advanced questions and requests.

Note: This article is just meant to get you started. For further study, it’s helpful to have one of these pocket Italian phrase books. Then make a commitment to practice daily.

You might also want to take an online course. Duolingo is one that is free and a lot of fun. Because the lessons are short, you can complete them in just five minutes. However, you’ll remember more if you also take the time to write down the words and phrases you learn. Also encouraging are the amusing little characters that pop up to congratulate you on your progress. As well, it is satisfying to hear the ding when you get an answer right!

Now let’s begin. First, listen to this video which teaches the pronunciation of some common Italian phrases. This will help reinforce the correct tonal inflections as you learn.

Note: You can also Google: ‘English to Italian’ and ‘Italian to English’ and type in any phrase you want to know. There is a pronunciation speaker icon on each side of the box. (See arrows). Make sure to listen to the phrase since this will dramatically improve your progress.

1. Arrival in Italy

1.1. Arrivals and Greetings

English: Hello! Welcome to Italy! Italian: Ciao! Benvenuta in Italia!

1.2 Finding a Taxi:

English: Where can I find a taxi? Italian: Dove posso trovare un taxi? OR
English: May I have a taxi, please? Italian: Posso avere un taxi, per favore?

English: Can you take me to [hotel name]? Italian: Mi può portare all’hotel [nome dell’hotel]?

English: Here is the hotel address. Italian: Ecco l’indirizzo dell’hotel. OR
English: Please take me to this address. Italian: Per favore portami a questo indirizzo.

1.3 Hotel Reception:

English: I would like to check in. Italian: Vorrei fare il check-in.

English: Can I check in early? Italian: Posso effettuare il check-in anticipato?

1.4 Luggage Storage:

English: Is it possible to store my luggage until check-in time? Italian: È possibile conservare il mio bagaglio fino all’orario del check-in?

English: What is the cost of luggage storage? Italian: Quanto costa il servizio di custodia bagagli?

2. Hotel Stay

2.1 Room Amenities:

English: What amenities are included in my room? Italian: Quali servizi sono inclusi nella mia camera?

English: Is there complimentary Wi-Fi available? Italian: C’è Wi-Fi gratuito disponibile?

English: What is the Wi-Fi password? Italian: Qual è la password Wi-Fi?

English: What time is breakfast served? Italian: A che ora serve la colazione?

2.2 Questions to Ask the Concierge

English: Are there any recommended restaurants or places of interest near the hotel? Italian: Ci sono ristoranti o luoghi di interesse vicino all’hotel che mi consiglia?

English: How can I get to the city center from here? Italian: Come posso raggiungere il centro città da qui?

English: Are there public transportation services available? Italian: Ci sono servizi di trasporto pubblico disponibili?

2.3 Checking Out:

English: What is the checkout procedure? Italian: Qual è la procedura di check-out?

English: Can I leave my luggage here after checkout? Italian: Posso lasciare il mio bagaglio qui dopo il check-out?

2.4 Departure from Hotel:

Transportation to the Airport:

English: Can I book a taxi to the airport? Italian: Posso prenotare un taxi per l’aeroporto?

English: What time should I book the taxi to ensure I make my flight? Italian: A che ora dovrei prenotare il taxi per essere in tempo per il mio volo?

English: How long does it take to get to the airport from here? Italian: What time should I book the taxi to ensure I make my flight?

Want to learn more phrases before your trip? Keep your pocket Italian phrase book handy and practice for a few minutes every day. It’s a fun way to get into the mood for your trip!

3. Meeting New People

English: My name is [your name]. Italian: Mi chiamo [Your Name].

English: Nice to meet you. Italian: Piacere di conoscerti.

English: How are you? Italian: Come stai?

English: Thank you. Italian: Grazie.

English: You’re welcome. Italian: Prego.

4. Navigating the City

4.1. Asking for DirectionsImportant Italian Phrases

English: Excuse me, can you help me? Italian: Scusa, puoi aiutarmi?

English: I’m looking for [Place/Street Name] Italian: Sto cercando [Place/Street Name].

English: To the right. Italian: A destra.
English: To the left. Italian: A sinistra.

4.2. Using Public Transportation

English: How much does a ticket cost? Italian: Quanto costa un biglietto?

English: Where is the bus/tram/metro stop? Italian: Dov’è la fermata dell’autobus/il tram/la metro?

English: Does this bus go to [ ] ? Italian: Questo autobus va a [ ]?

5. Dining and Food

5.1. Ordering Food

English: I would like [dish name], please. Italian: Vorrei [Dish Name], per favore.

English: A glass of red/white wine, please. Italian: Un bicchiere di vino rosso/bianco, per favore.

English: May I have the bill, please? Italian: Potrei avere il conto per favore?

English: What do you recommend? Italian: Che cosa mi consiglia?

English: Consigliate il pesce? Italian: Consigliate il pesce?

English: Everything was delicious! Italian: Tutto era delizioso!

5.2. Dietary Restrictions

English: I am vegetarian/vegan. Italian: Sono vegetariana/vegana.

English: Without gluten Italian: Senza glutine. or English: No gluten Italian: Niente glutine
(Note: Italian bread generally has less gluten than brands in America. Therefore, unless you are gluten intolerant you might be able to have their delicious bread).

6. Shopping

6.1. Bargain Hunting

English: How much does it cost? Italian: Quanto costa?

English: It’s too expensive. Italian: È troppo caro.

English: May I try this on? Italian: Posso provarlo?

6.2 Shopping for Clothes

English: Where is the best shopping for women’s clothing? Italian: Dove si trovano i migliori negozi di abbigliamento femminile?

English: Are there any boutiques nearby? Italian: Ci sono boutique nelle vicinanze?

6.3. Sizes and Colors

English: Do you have this in a medium size? Italian: Ce l’hai di taglia media?


Small: taglia piccola
Extra Smal: piccolissimo
Medium: taglia media
Large: taglia grande
Extra Large: extra grande

English: I would like it in [Color Name]. Italian: Lo vorrei in [Color Name].

Common Colors:

Arancione – Orange
Giallo – Yellow
Blu – Blue
Rosso – Red
Verde – Green
Nero – Black
Marrone – Brown
Rosa – Pink
Porpora / Viola – Purple
Bianco – White

7. Emergencies and Safety

7.1. Seeking Help

English: Help! Italian: Aiuto! (Help!)
English: Help! Italian: Aiuto!

English: Can you please help me! Italian: Potete per favore aiutarmi!

English: Call the police/ambulance! Italian: Chiamate la polizia/ambulanza!

7.2. Medical Assistance

English: My [name the body part] hurts. Italian: Mi fa male [insert Body Part preceded by la or il, depending on whether the body part is feminine or masculine] For example:
English: My head hurts Italian: Mi fa male la testa

Other Body Parts:

left arm: braccio sinistro
right arm: braccio destro
left leg: gamba sinistra
right leg: gamba destra
my back: la schiena (Note: Just as in French and Spanish, for body parts they say “the” rather than “my”; la is for a feminine noun and “il” is for a masculine noun)
my neck: il collo

English: I need a doctor. Italian: Ho bisogno di un dottore.

8. Socializing

8.1. Making Friends

English: May I join you? Italian: Posso unirmi a voi?

English: Would you like to have coffee? Italian: Ti piacerebbe prendere un caffè?

English: Would you like to go out with me tonight? Italian: Vuoi uscire con me stasera?

English: Cheers! (toasting each other) Italian: ¡Salud!

English: See you soon. Italian: Ci vediamo presto.

8.2. Flirtatious Comments You May Hear

English: You are very beautiful. Italian: Sei molto bella.

English: I like you a lot. Italian: Mi piaci molto.

English: I love you. Italian: Ti amo

9. Departure and Farewell

9.1. Leaving a Place

English: Thank you for everything. Italian: Grazie per tutto.

English: It has been a pleasure. Italian: È stato un piacere.

English: Goodbye! Italian: Arrivederci!

10. Airport Phrases

10.1 Getting To the Airport

English: Take me to the airport, please. Italian: Mi porti all’aeroporto, per favore

English: What (airport) gate do I go to? Italian: A quale gate (dell’aeroporto) devo recarmi?

English (a friend might say): Have a good trip! Italian: Buon viaggio!

10.2. Departing Passengers:

English: Where is the check-in counter for my flight? Italian: Dove si trova il banco check-in per il mio volo?

English: Can I check in online? Italian: Posso fare il check-in online?

Boarding Pass and Security:
English: Can you help me get my boarding pass? Italian: Mi può aiutare a ottenere la mia carta d’imbarco?

English: Where is the security checkpoint? Italian: Dove si trova il controllo di sicurezza?

10.3 Gate Information

English: What gate do I go to for my flight? Italian: A quale gate devo andare per il mio volo?

English: Is there a gate change for my flight? Italian: C’è un cambiamento di gate per il mio volo?

10.4 Flight Status:

English: Is my flight on time? Italian: Il mio volo è in orario?

English: Are there any delays for my flight? Italian: Ci sono ritardi per il mio volo?

10.5 Baggage Claim:

English: Where can I collect my luggage? Italian: Dove posso ritirare i bagagli?

English: What should I do if my luggage is lost? Italian: Cosa devo fare se il mio bagaglio è smarrito?

10.6 Customs:

English: Where is customs located? Italian: Dove si trova la dogana?

English: Which items do I need to declare? Italian: Quali oggetti devo dichiarare?

10.7 Lost Luggage:

English: Where do I go for lost luggage? Italian: Dove devo andare se il mio bagaglio è smarrito?

English: What should I do if my luggage doesn’t appear on the conveyor belt? Italian: Cosa devo fare se il mio bagaglio non compare sul nastro trasportatore?


Because you make the effort to learn some key Italian phrases, you’ll be rewarded with a more enjoyable travel experience. Beyond the practical benefits of knowing some basic Italian, learning these phrases demonstrates your respect for the local culture. And when you show genuine interest in connecting with the people you meet, they’ll appreciate your taking a stab at it. Be forewarned lthough. They’ll likely smile and respond in English. But your effort will be appreciated. And that can be fun and very gratifying!

So set off on your Italian adventure armed with your newfound linguistic skills.

Lastly, Buon viaggio! (Have a good trip!)

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