Learn Something New on These Fun Educational Cruises

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If you think cruises are all about sunbathing, buffets and bingo, think again. There are many educational cruises that offer fun classes.

Just think, you can enrich your mind  and build new skills, all while enjoying a relaxing vacation. Some educational cruises offer fun classes on everything from cooking and wine, to scrapbooking and ceramics. More serious classes teach you about history, culture, art, science or languages. Whatever your interest, there is a cruise for you. The following are a few examples you can investigate.

Literary Cruises

Are you a book lover? Do you enjoy reading novels set in exotic locations or written by famous authors? If so, you might want to consider a literary cruise.

These cruises take you to places that inspired or featured in classic or contemporary literature, such as the Greek islands, the Norwegian fjords, the Caribbean or the British Isles. You can also attend lectures, discussions and workshops with authors, critics and experts on board. Some examples of literary cruises are:

Astronomy Cruises

Do you have a passion for the stars? Do you want to learn more about the mysteries of the universe? If so, you might want to consider an astronomy cruise.

Galaxy illustration as seen from the curve of a planet

These cruises take you to places with clear skies and minimal light pollution, such as the Arctic, the Pacific or the Indian Ocean.

There are also cruises offering astronomy cruises in the Mediterranean. Cosmologist, Tom Vassos, for example, has a fascinating lecture on a Royal Caribbean Mediterranean cruise.

You can also attend lectures, workshops and stargazing sessions with astronomers and experts on board. Some examples of astronomy cruises are:

  • The Hurtigruten’s Astronomy Voyage: Norway, which offers a chance to see the northern lights and visit the Northern Lights Planetarium.
  • The Princess Cruises’ Solar Eclipse Cruise: South Pacific, which sails to a prime viewing spot for the total solar eclipse in 2023.
  • The Silversea’s Expedition Cruise: Antarctica, which features lectures by NASA scientists and visits to research stations.

Language Learning Cruises

Immerse yourself in the language of the locals with foreign language lessons onboard. Learn greetings, phrases and questions so you can enjoy chatting with the residents.

Learn basic foreign language phrases on educational cruises

So you’d like to learn a new language or improve your existing skills? Want to immerse yourself in a different culture and meet new people? If so, you might want to consider a language learning cruise. These cruises take you to countries where the language you want to learn is spoken, such as France, Spain, Italy or Japan. You can also attend classes, workshops and activities with native speakers and teachers on board. Some examples of language learning cruises are:

  • CroisiEurope’s French Language Cruise: Loire Valley, offers daily lessons and excursions in French.
  • Costa Cruises’ Italian Language Cruise – Adriatic: provides courses for beginners and intermediate learners and stops in Venice, Dubrovnik and Corfu.

Take a Culinary Class That Includes Wine Pairing!

A fun cooking class with wine pairing

Cooking classes are always popular and a number of cruise lines offer them, some with wine pairing instruction added in.

Princess Cruise Line – offers a whole slew of programs which it calls “Edu-tainment. Its ScholarShip at Sea Program includes an impressive array of classes. Experts from a diverse array of specialties teach over 60 different courses! Here are a few on offer:

  • Culinary Arts
  • Visual/Creative Arts
  • Photography (including digital travel photography)
  • Computer Technology (including web page design)
  • Italian cooking
  • Cceramics or pottery; and
  • Watercolor techniques

If you took a longer cruise with the line, you could end up with a whole new set of skills. On some trips they offer six classes a day!


Cruises are not only a great way to relax and have fun, but a fun opportunity to learn something new and develop skills. Whether you are interested in literature, astronomy, languages or other topics, there is a cruise that can satisfy your curiosity and expand your horizons. So why not book your next educational cruise today and enjoy the best of both worlds?

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