Top 12 Travel Tech Devices and Gadgets

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Our travel tech gadgets and devices can make your trip both easier and safer in so many ways! An added benefit is that these handy gadgets can put your mind at ease. All of which adds up to a more enjoyable trip!

So why not embrace this technolog? Following is our curated list of our recommended travel tech gadgets. All are chosen to add to the ease and enjoyment of your next trip! Note: You might also want to see our article on Travel Accessories.

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I’m going to insert in here my favorite travel tech recommendation for you – a Kindle! For some reason it doesn’t come up on lists of popular technical accessories. Kindles are getting better and better all the time. Lighter, with a host of features users love! If you like to read when traveling and haven’t tried a Kindle yet, you might like to check into it. Killing time in an airport is so much easier with a Kindle.

One advantage of a Kindle over a tablet is that you don’t get the glare from the sun when trying to read.

And you’ll be able to download any of our Best Travel Books easily with all the GB they hold.

Pic of woman putting one into her purse

That’s why having the right travel gadgets can make such a big difference. Here are our recommended 10 best travel gadgets that can help seniors (and anyone else) have a smooth and hassle-free trip.

Noise-Canceling Headphones: Peace in the Skies

Have you ever endured a long haul over the Atlantic with fussy children or overly loud adults? Then you’ll appreciate the value of noise-canceling headphones! Suddenly an annoying atmosphere is transformed into a serene sanctuary in the sky!

Seated airplane passengers - view from behind
Airplane Passengers – Attribution: StockSnap via Pixaby

Sony WH-1000XM4 Wireless Premium Noise Canceling Overhead Headphones with Mic for Phone-Call and Alexa Voice Control

  • Industry-leading noise canceling with Dual Noise Sensor technology.
  • Next-level music with Edge-AI, co-developed with Sony Music Studios Tokyo
  • Up to 30-hour battery life with quick charging (10 min charge for 5 hours of playback)
  • the WH1000XM4 Touch Sensor controls to pause play skip tracks, control volume, activate your voice assistant, and answer phone calls.
  • HDMI Connectivity
  • Speak-to-chat technology automatically reduces volume during conversations

Superior call quality with precise voice pickup. Frequency Response (Active Operation)-4Hz-40,000Hz. Frequency Response(Bluetooth Communication)- 20Hz – 20,000Hz (44.1kHz Sampling) / 20Hz – 40,000Hz (LDAC 96kHz Sampling, 990kbps)

Note: Wearing detection pauses playback when headphones are removed

Smart Luggage – Combines Travel Tech with Smooth Functionality

Have a long wait before your departure time? With a smart suitcase you can pull out your tablet or laptop, and plug in. Makes long wait times whiz by. Some suitcases often come with built-in charging ports, GPS tracking, and even digital locks. Smart carry-on luggage takes the boredom out of travel delays.

Airline Approved with Laptop Compartment, PC Hard Shell Luggage with USB Port, Black Suitcase with Spinner Wheels

  • This Airline Approved carry-on luggage has an approved Size of: 22.0×14.2×9.1 IN, Weight: 7.94 LB, Capacity: 39L
  • Has a TSA approved lock with the ability to set your own code
  • Front Pocket Convenience: Stay organized on the go with the carry on suitcase featuring a spacious front pocket. Easily store and access your 15.6-inch laptop and other essentials with quick and hassle-free convenience.
    Premium Polycarbonate Material: Crafted with lightweight and durable Polycarbonate material, our carry on suitcase with spinner wheels is built to withstand time and impact. Enjoy a worry-free travel experience with a hard shell luggage.
  • Stay Charged Anywhere: Experience the ultimate convenience of our 20 inch carry on luggage equipped with both USB and USB-C charging ports (Power bank not included). Stay fully charged on the move and don’t worry about low battery again.

E-Readers: A Library in Your Pocket

While books are great, they unfortunately add to your suitcase weight. They are also heavy to carry around when you head out for some site-seeing and relaxation at a cafe later. And a benefit they have over tablets is the non-glare aspect. So why not consider treating yourself an e-reader! Their quality has been going up over the years while the price has been coming down.

Kobo Sage | eRead – most advanced Kobo yet!

Language Translation Devices

Little pocket phrase books are nice to travel with, but often have only one to 3 languages. Use a tech model instead for so much more functionality!


Colorful display of multiple language dictionaries
Photo composition by alilynch via Pixabay

RAVIAD Language Translator Device

  •  Provides accurate and authentic translations with 98% accuracy
  • Two Way Real-Time Voice Translation
  • Supports 138 Languages and Dialects
  • 3” HD Inch Touch Screen for Travel Business
  • Accurate Offline & Recording
  • Photo Instant Translation
  •  Instant Two-way translations in just about 0.2 seconds reaction time

In addition to all of the above great features, it also features advanced noise reduction. Plus it has a unique speaker for accurate real-time speech recognition. So, treat yourself to one of these handy little devices and sa goodbye to language barriers on your travels.

High-Tech Travel Pillows

J-Pillow Travel Pillow – British Invention of The Year Winner 

  • PROVIDES CHIN & NECK SUPPORT FOR ULTIMATE COMFORT – and keeps head elevated in perfect position for restful sleep
  • SOFT FABRIC FOR MAXIMUM COMFORT – out-performs other travel pillows with its patented design
  • EASY TO CARRY & STORE IN CARRY BAG – you won’t even have to fit it into your carry on.
  • MACHINE WASHABLE FOR EASY MAINTENANCE – Machine Washable – Compresses smaller then most “U” shaped pillows – Handy snap loop
  • COMFORTABLE FIT FOR RELAXATION & REST anywhere! While it’s great for travel, you can also use it at at home when relaxing on the sofa or reading in bed.
  • GREAT PRESENT for fellow travelers!

All in all, the J Pillow makes it a necessary luxury for airplane travel, especially for those long flights!

Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot Devices: Stay Connected Globally

A portable Wi-Fi hotspot, often referred to as a pocket Wi-Fi, is a small, battery-powered device that connects to the internet via cellular data networks. To activate, just the follow simple instructions provided. Typically, you’ll receive a unique network name (SSID) and password. It creates a personal, secure Wi-Fi network that you can connect your devices to. For example: smartphones, tablets, or laptops.

Now you have a private and reliable internet connection wherever you go. And saves on international roaming charges. Of course, the ultimate benefit is the feeling of safety and security.

And that comfort level ‘s the ultimate advantage of travel tech. Recommended: Simo Solis Lite 4G LTE Portable WiFi Mobile Hotspot

The SIMO Solis Lite 4G LTE Portable WiFi Mobile Hotspot

  • No-Contract Mobile Hotspot Device
  • Experience seamless connectivity with the Solis Lite, your pocket-friendly companion that offers secure and reliable mobile WiFi hotspot coverage in over 135 countries
  • Enjoy flexible data plans – no contract required. Choose from daily, monthly, or GB packages, allowing you hassle-free access to the internet
  • Power Bank Capability: Powered by a 4700 mAh battery, this portable WiFi device guarantees 16+ hours of uninterrupted connectivity and can also be used to charge your other devices while on the move.
  • Perfectly sized portable WiFi box that fits right into your pocket
  • Its 4G LTE router functions without a SIM card so you can tap into multi-carrier networks for the fastest available signal – a must-have wifi puck for international and domestic travels.

Digital Travel Luggage Locks

Padlocks are so last year. With digital travel locks that are TSA approved, you have no worries about having them cut the lock to open your suitcase. That’s because TSA agents have a universal key that can easily unlock your luggage. The lock lives to see another day – perhaps for gym locker use and future trips. Recommendation: SureLock

The SURE LOCK TSA Compatible Travel Luggage Lock

  • THE MOST DURABLE LOCK ON THE MARKET. SureLock uses an ultra tough alloy body to protect our locks from the harshest of baggage handling.
  • TSA APPROVED: So no cut locks if they decide to inspect your luggage. You can also tell if they have opened your luggage. So you can double check your luggage to make sure nothing has gone missing while you’re still at the airport
  • FOOLPROOF COMBINATION SETTING MECHANISM. Just flick the switch to the right to enter your new combination and flick the switch back to the left. It’s that easy.
  • SECURE LOCK WORKS WITH NEARLY ANY KIND OF LUGGAGE. Can secure luggage which steel shackle locks can not.
  • CABLE EASILY FITS through zipper pulls, unlike traditional padlocks.

EASY TO READ DIALS. SureLock uses a white numeral on a black background for our combination dials. These high contrast dials make reading your combination a breeze. No more squinting or searching for glasses as you try to open your locks.

Smartwatches: Your Ultimate Travel Companion

A smartwatch keeps you on schedule, tracks your fitness, and can even provide real-time translations. Recommended: The Amazfit GTS 2e Smart Watch for Wome

Amazfit GTS 2e Smart Watch for Women

  • INTELLIGENT VOICE ASSISTANCE: With the Amazon Alexa built-in, you can check the weather, set an alarm, get a translation, and more! The watch also comes with an offline voice assistant, so you can interact with it without connecting to the Internet.
  • EXTENDED BATTERY LIFE: 14-day battery life for typical usage and 24-day battery life for basic usage, so no worries about chargining on a 2-week vacation
  • 5 ATM WATER RESISTANCE allows you to wear it worry-free for daily use or while swimming.
  • COLOR AND CLARITY compares with the best! Has a 1.65-inch HD AMOLED screen and 341 ppi pixel density for gorgeous display!
  • ALL-ROUND HEALTH TRACKING: Provides 24-hour heart rate, blood oxygen, and stress level monitoring.   Also tracks your sleep quality.

This smartwatch is a great example of where you can use travel tech for a sense of security. It monitors important health data to alert you of any issues. And it can control smart home devices while you are away.

It can also function as personal assistant. For example, it can:

  • handle your personal agendas
  • notify you of incoming calls or messages
  • set a Do Not Disturb message
  • act as a stopwatch and timer
  • forecast the weather; and
  • set alarms so you don’t miss out on any excursion departures!

Luggage and Phone BluetoothTrackers

Quickly identify your luggage on the carousel with one of these trackers. Just slip one into your checked baggage. They are also great for locating your keys, smartphone and other items. Recommended:

Tile Pro 2-Pack – Powerful Bluetooth Tracker, Keys Finder and Item Locator for Keys, Bags, and More

  • POWERFUL TRACKER – Helps you find things with its 400-foot range. Hang it on your keys, bags or inside your luggage. Use our free app to find them.
  • FIND FAR AWAY – You can even locate items when outside of Bluetooth range. Just use the Tile app to view your Tile’s most recent location on a map.
  • FIND YOUR PHONE- Double press the button on your Tile to make your phone rings, even when it’s on silent.

ANDROID, IOS & SMART HOME COMPATIBLE – Find your things with the free Tile app on both iOS and Android devices. Tile also works with Amazon Alexa, Hey Google and Siri. Smart travel tech!


Mirakel Massager – Shiatsu Electric Massager with Heat, for Neck, Back, Shoulder, Muscle Pain Relief

Never pay excess baggage fees again. A digital luggage scale ensures you’re within weight limits. Recommended: Etekcity Digital Luggage Scale.

  • DEEPER KNEADING MASSAGE: soothingly massages your neck, back, waist, limbs, and shoulders
  • SPECIAL HEATING FUNCTION:. Built-in heating function for extra soothing andn stress reduction; breathable fabric promotes heat penetration and maximizes nodular massage
  • WEARABILITY: It’s lightweight, soft and comfortable to wear for a long time with durable and soft materials.
  • SAFETY FEATURES: Overheat protection and 15 minute auto-shutdown feature ensure safe use
  • EASY TO OPERATE: Easy operation with simple press on power button, 3 custom speed modes, and pressure & heat controls

This back and neck massager can target specific muscles in the neck and back which that ordinary back massagers cannot reach. A great example of travel tech to enhance the enjoyment of your trip!

TOOTHBRUSH STERILIZER CASES – Travel tech with health in mind!

The Mayo Clinic says: “Although the connection is not fully understood, some research suggests that heart disease, clogged arteries and stroke might be linked to the inflammation and infections that oral bacteria can cause.” All the more reason to sterilize your toothbrush!

Cartoon illustration of a germ attacking a tooth
Attribution: Illustration via Pixabay

Rechargeable Portable Mini Travel Toothbrush Cover, Fits for Electric and Manual Toothbrushes by Bril

Click blue text above to watch video.

  • Toothbrush sanitizer with 99.9% sterilization rate uses UV light technology; stay at your best with this toothbrush cleaner, holder, cover, and case; UV light is completely enclosed and 100% blocked by the toothbrush case; fits all size brushes
  • Fast-acting and easy to use toothbrush cleaner; when you’re done using your toothbrush, place it in the case and the UV-C technology will activate to sterilize your toothbrush in just three minutes
  • Modern design in three stylish colors; toothbrush storage case complements your travel accessories; traveling toothbrush case protects your brush; USB rechargeable batteries last for a full month; portable travel case acts as toothbrush sanitizer and holder
  • Sleek toothbrush storage alternative; great for home use and traveling; easily mounted to a bathroom mirror or wall with smart magnet technology;
  • EPA Approved: Bril UV-C Toothbrush Sanitizer is safe to use in protecting from germs and bacteria

Magnification Binoculars

Hands-Free Binocular Glasses for Concerts, Theater, Opera, TV, Sight Seeing – Clips onto Your Regular Eyeglasses

  • PROFESSIONAL HANDS-FREE BINOCULARS: These binocular opera glasses by SENMONUS are designed for letting your hands free when you are cheering for a great opera & theater shows or sports games
  • lLIGHTWEIGHTS WITH CLEAR AND WIDE VIEWS: Weight is 0.15lb with 3x magnification and high definition to allow a focused clear and wide views.
  • RELIEF FROM EYE FATIGUE: The multi-coated green film optics provide maximum eye relief fatigue, and make your view brighter, clearer and deliver crisp images. Low-light-level night vision built-in design, helps you see things in weak light conditions.
  • ADJUSTABLE ARMS AND NOSE PADS: The alloy spectacle armsare wrapped with natural rubber, and can be bent without damage; the nose pads can also be adjusted to make it fit comfortably.

BONUS ITEM: An Affordable Apple Watch

Apple Watch Series 8 [GPS + Cellular, 45mm] Midnight Aluminum Case – Refurbished with 4 1/2 Stars

Have you always wanted an Apple Watch but hesitated because of the high price? This refurbished model on Amazon is very affordable and has all the bells and whistles. That includes a GPS tracker to ensure you don’t get lost in your travels – a frightening prospect! With an Apple Watch 8 you can always find your way back to your hotel!

  • CELLULAR CONNECTIVITY — Send a text, make a call, & stream music without your iPhone, even while traveling internationally.
  • EASILY CUSTOMIZABLE — Available in a range of sizes and materials, with dozens of bands to choose from
  • SAFETY FEATURES — Emergency SOS assistance with the press of a button.
  • ADVANCED HEALTH FEATURES —Keep tabs on your blood oxygen. Take an ECG anytime. Notifies you if you have an irregular rhythm. Monitors your REM sleep time

SIMPLY COMPATIBLE — It works seamlessly with your Apple devices and services. Unlock your Mac automatically. Find your devices with a tap. Pay and send money with Apple Pay. Apple Watch requires an iPhone 8 or later with the latest iOS version.


Travel Tech Devices are essential companions for solo female travelers over 40. Perhaps one of their most valuable benefits they offer is security and peace of mind. Add in the convenience, and connectivity, and you have the makings of a smoother and more enjoyable trip!

And it’s not just about technology. With a reliable internet connection wherever you go, you can focus on creating unforgettable memories during your solo adventures!

Note: Please check specs on our travel tech products. An adapter may be required for international travel.

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